Conquering the Masses on the Wheels of Steel

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In medieval and ancient times as infants were brought into the new world, soon after their first breath it was determined what role in society they would play. 

Some were born into the trades of weaving, smithing, religion, wizardry, music, painting, and poetry.  For others, they were trained as warriors. As with any good knight, warrior, and commander, a certain inner strength, cleverness, discipline, and mentality must exist.  Thus they were trained so.  

Wielding armor, a shield, and a sword, the mastering of these tools over years and years of training would eventually make their way to the battlefield.  Training that is eventually applied and for those that are successful in seeing the next sunrise, the opportunity to further fine-tune and perfect their methods. 

For some warriors today, that battlefield where skills are tested lay behind 2 steel disks and when performed on correctly, they have the power to captivate and conquer souls effortlessly.  There walks but few of these seasoned dj turntable warriors.  Even less, true dance floor commandeers.  The apollo's of modern times if you will.  

For one warrior, like a great phoenix he has risen once again from the ashes.  A reinvention.  This musical knight goes by the simple name of......

DJ Sir Edgar.

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